Whether you want to see them or not, the pink and red displays of cheesy cards, chocolates, flowers and teddy bears have taken over every corner of your vision. Yup. Valentine’s Day is coming up in a week. For some, this may be one of the most dreaded days in the year, referred to as Single Awareness Day (S.A.D). For others, this may be one of the sweetest and most romantic times with your significant other. Whichever it is, dress up and show up – that is my motto. Whether you are heading to a fancy candle-lit dinner or going out with your single BFFs or even just going to Ralph’s to get a tub of ice-cream and rent The Notebook, Valentine’s Day calls for some dressing up. Here are some ideas to help you plan your perfect, flirtatious outfit (:

Table for 2 please.

Go classic red in this ZARA Asymmetrical skirt jacquard dress

P.S. I learned from my COMM ST 146 class that according to studies, men actually find women in red to be more attractive!

For the Bruins sweethearts.

Alice + Olivia Holis Structured Dress

Go for a little A-line dress that has a pop of color! Flirty and fun indeed.

More of a monochrome kind of girl? I feel ya.

Black & white is always a classy combo. This gorgeous  ZARA floral print pleated skirt will certainly do the trick.

“Can I wear pants?” Of course! This J.Crew look below shows us how to rock metallic pants. Shimmery pants + your favorite pair of heels + sparkling smile = effortlessly sexy.

Or opt for this Urban Outfitters romper that offers a very pleasant surprise at the back (; Want to spice up the look? Smack on some smoldering red lipstick or add some gold jewelry!

Day date? No problem! Grab that cup of coffee in this adorable Topshop ensemble. So cool, so laidback, so cute!

Single or In a Relationship or It’s Complicated. It really doesn’t matter. Just look good and have fun!

Stay Classy,

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