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FKA Twigs is an incredibly talented artist making waves in the music scene with her fresh, new, experimental sound. Not only does she apply innovative and groundbreaking ideas to her music, but to her style as well.
FKA Twigs takes fashion risks and rocks whatever she’s wearing, from her styled baby hairs and face paint, to her gilded garter and fishnet outfits. She has an ability to make her unconventional accessories and clothing pieces look simultaneously edgy and ethereal.
Images via here
FKA Twigs feels like a walking piece of art from her boundary pushing music and otherworldly singing to her skilled dancing and unmatched style. Initially a London based dancer, she later discovered that it was her love for music that fueled her dancing. She released her debut album, LP1, last August of 2014. My personal favorite in the album is Pendulum, which she has just released a selfdirected music video for. You heard it right, she dances, she sings, and she directs–a triple threat. 
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Her debut album was released four months ago but has already been nominated for the 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Prize as well as for Best Recording Package at the 2015 Grammy Awards and included in a variety of “best albums of 2014” lists ranging from Time Magazine to Rolling Stone. If you haven’t heard her music yet, I recommend you check out some of her music videos and prepare yourself for a stunning visual and aural experience.
Images via here and here
FKA Twigs is a force to be reckoned with. She’s pushing the envelope in both music and fashion and I am excited to say we can be expecting to see much more of her in 2015. 

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