Address: 160 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010 

This past MLK weekend, I traded in the warm SoCal sunshine for some bone-chilling winds in New York City. Though the below 30 weather was not the most pleasant, a visit to the Big Apple is always guaranteed fun and excitement, especially fashion-wise. Since I have proudly proclaimed in the “Meet the Bloggers” post that “I live and breathe Club Monaco,” what better post to kick-off the quarter than one about my visit to the Club Monaco flagship store on Fifth Ave?

            I’ve been meaning to visit this particular Club Monaco ever since @clubmonaco began glamming up my Instagram feed with photos of their classic and chic stores, latest looks, beautiful models and the occasional hipster shots of the coffee and croissants they have for afternoon breaks. Those 1000+ beautiful squares that make up their Instagram account are the epitome of cool, simple, and modern classiness. And those pictures sure didn’t lie! Those are the exact vibes that the store  and its people exuded.


            A simple black and white storefront with dark wooden doors invites you in, as if into a sophisticated party that would be fitting for Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. The interior is bright and white with majestic columns and decorations of white blossom branches. Throughout the store, black and white photographs adorn the shelves; it feels like you are walking through someone’s mansion. And it is clearly someone fancy because there’s even a florist shop and bookstore inside. As beautiful as the space itself is, what truly gives it life and elegance is, of course, the clothing and accessories.

            So get inspired by some of my favorite looks and pieces that are in store right now!

This outfit I saw in the Fifth Ave store is everything. From the white cropped top to the black culottes to the grey Rylie wrap coat, this mannequin is nailin’ it. It looks not only effortless and stylish, but also super comfortable. Culottes are so in right now and they are perfect for this warm LA weather. When you feel ready to jump at this trend, play around with cropped tops and tuck-in shirts. Always try and keep proportions in mind so that there is a balance between the top and bottom. Play it up with heels or dress it down with sandals and sneakers. The possibilities are endless!

My favorite and must-have item from Club Monaco is always a sleek shirt. If you are in the mood to splurge a little on shirts, I definitely recommend making a Club Monaco addition to your closet. You simply cannot go wrong with their high-quality white silk shirt or denim button down. White on white and denim on denim always makes a stylish statement. If you want a little pop, add some accent accessories for fun.

Check it out here
Check it out here
Check it out here

Don’t worry, boys. I certainly did not forget about you and Club Monaco never does either. They cater to men just as perfectly as they do to women. I have to admit that whenever I pass by their men’s displays, I secretly (or not so secretly) wish that one day I will meet a man who is as tastefully put together as those mannequins. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the same way. So go ahead, guys. Invest in something Club Monaco, like this bomber jacket. A nicely fitted one can really go a long way. Wear it on top of your regular tee or sweater and you are bound to be turning heads on Bruin Walk.

Check it out here

To sign off this post, I will leave you with my own Club Monaco look. Funny enough, this just so happened to be the outfit that I pulled together for the dinner I had right before writing this post. The black cropped sweater has been a Fall / Winter go-to for me ever since I bought it last year, whereas the grey pants just joined the rest of my Club Monaco collection this past Christmas. I love both these pieces so much, because they are so versatile.

Stay Classy,

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