The weather’s been changing for the past week or so. Though it’s no longer the sunny Socal weather we’ve all grown accustomed to, the grayer and colder months are a cause for celebration: we get to wear our winter clothes. It allows us to stow away our Rainbows, and bust out them Uggs. Yes, here at FAST, we discuss the topics that truly matter: ladies’ footwear.

In any case, to combat the chill, I’ve got a few tips for how to keep warm in this California, or shall I say, Coolifornia winter.

1. WEARING BOY’S CLOTHES:// Let’s be honest. Girls’ clothes are thin as hell.  We boys have the benefit of buying pieces that are not only substantial and fairly heavy, but comfortable, too. Button-ups, trousers, hats — it’s all fair game. I’d pair them with make-up, or perhaps an unconventional hairstyle, just to offset the conservative nature of menswear.
2. FABRIC CHOICE:// If dressing in drag isn’t your thing, just try opting for winter-friendly materials. Fabric choice is crucial to keeping warm. Try exchanging loose crochet-knit pullovers for a denser cable-knit sweater, or switch out your jersey skater skirt for one in a wool blend, possibly even pleather if you’re up for it. Be mindful that even though acrylic mimics the appearance of wool, it’s awfully itchy when worn against the skin!

3. LAYERS:// Layers, layers, layers. Multiple thin layers will actually keep you warmer than just one massive one. The added benefit is that you can remove them as needed if you feel too hot, or are going indoors. The thinnest garments are worn closest to the body, such as a ribbed tank top. From there, you can pile on a cotton oxford shirt, then a mid-weight merino wool cardigan, topped off with a heavy military anorak. Trés fab.
4. SOCKS WITH EVERYTHING:// Probably the most controversial tip, I recommend adding socks to everything. Heels? Do it. Pool Slides? For sure. Wedges? Yes ma’am. Even though the main purpose, in the case of this post, is to keep you warm, I honestly think it looks so, so good when it’s done right. 

 & yes. Those socks say, “Fuck me, I’m horny.”


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