The GAP Program CLOSED

For all y’all about to graduate and don’t know what to do, I got somethin’ real good. The GAP has a Retail Management Program targeting graduating seniors. This is a full-time, entry-level, rotational program headquartered in both San Francisco and New York City. The program lasts for 9 months, during which you can rotate between three of the GAP’s brands, Banana Republic, Piper Lime, Old Navy, Athleta, & Intermix. On top of that, between your 3 brands, you rotate between their core product functions: Inventory Management, Merchandising, & Production. 
It’s a lot of number’s isn’t it? NINE months. THREE brands. THREE core functions. After this training program (which you get paid for), you’re placed into a full-time position in one of the three functions at a retail location. Gnarly, isn’t it? 
We haven’t received the link to an application yet, but we’ll be sure to update as soon as we find out, so check back soon!

We regret to say that the GAP internship program fell through and apologize for any broken dreams / unfulfilled ambitions / etc. that this may have caused.

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