FAST Friday

Each Friday we will be posting biographies of our executive board members rocking their FAST tanks. Show us how you style yours on social media using #FASTfridays!

Hi! I’m Talya Sharps and I’m a FAST Co-President. I’ve been in FAST since my freshman year. I’ve modeled, worked on the Blog committee, and was last year’s designer director. I love being a part of FAST and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing it grow these past few years. I’ve meet some of the most passionate, and of course fashionable, people in my life through the club.  After graduation, I plan to pursue a fashion-related career, but that will have to wait until I return from teaching English in Indonesia this summer! 
FAST: If you could time travel to any fashion era (past or future) when would you choose?
Talya: Definitely the 50’s! Red lips, impeccable hair styles, and men in suits!
FAST: What is the one piece of fashion advice you would like to give UCLA students?
Talya: Don’t be afraid to try something new! Change trends to make them suit you and your body. Fashion is about experimentation, you really have to explore what works for you before you can develop your own style! 

Hi, I’m Ardis. I’m a 2nd-year Econ major, and I’m the Speaker Coordinator for FAST. I was an Event Production committee member last year. My favorite fashion blog is Garance Dore’s at

FAST: If you could go on a shopping spree with any celebrity who would it be and why?
Ardis: If I could go on a shopping spree with any celebrity, I would pick Vanessa Hudgens because we are similar sizes and body shapes, so I could totally just borrow her whole wardrobe. 

FAST: Who is your favorite designer?

Ardis: My favorite designers are Stella McCartney and Christopher Bailey.

FAST: What is the one trend you would like to see die?

Ardis: I really dislike the ankle boots with the cut-out at the heels (peep-heels?). I think they’re ridiculous.

The Blog Team

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