Fashion Dare: Sandals and Socks

As plethora of recent street style shots of fashion guys and girls alike making sandals and socks work suggest, long gone are the days when pairing sandals with socks was reserved for middle aged math teachers and overly prepared tourists. With the “ugly shoe” trend everywhere these days, it makes sense that the next footwear fad is layering a pair of socks under your ‘stocks or sexier stilettos. 

 While this trend seems inaccessible, it actually works for almost every style. For those with more feminine sensibilities, one of the easiest ways to jump onto the sandals and socks bandwagon is to style a pair of thigh-high socks with cute sandals (flat or heeled) and a flirty mini-skirt. For a more punk rock take on the trend, style frilly ankle socks with a pair of platform jelly sandals and a leather skirt. If you are feeling ready to fully embrace the trend, go for a truly normcore look by styling a pair of solid socks with Birkenstocks and a slouchy jeans. 

Images via Tumblr and Framboise Fashion

Next time you reach for your favorite pair of sandals, try slipping some socks on underneath, we dare you.

The Blog Team

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