Fashion Dare: Mom Jeans

“Fashion Dare” is a weekly column that breaks down the trends that may leave you scratching your head. 

The words mom jeans often conjure up images of middle aged women with very large perms wearing jeans that, to put it nicely, are not the most flattering. Recently, however,  the whose-who of the fashion industry have put the stigma that surrounds mom jeans to bed, and stepped out in incredibly chic, updated pairs. These new mom jeans are a hybrid of your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and those high waisted shorts you have been wearing all year long. Thinking about the trend this way makes it much less intimidating! 

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What keeps these jeans from straying into real mom jean territory is the cut of the legs. Bygone are the days of fabric that is baggy around the thighs and tight around the ankles. The updated version of these jeans have straight legs with a somewhat slim fit, with either raw or cuffed hems. Adding a pair of single-soled pumps or booties gets rid of any last traces of frumpiness. 

Next time you are looking for a new pair of jeans, get out of your comfort zone and choose a pair of mom jeans, we dare you. 

The Blog Team 

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