Fashion in Tune: David Bowie

“Fashion in Tune” is a weekly column that discusses trends that connect the worlds of fashion and music.

“Strung out on lasers and slash back blazers”  
Is a lyric to Jean Genie, one of David Bowie’s most popular singles. The songwriter seems to address almost anything and everything, from pink monkey-birds to whether or not life exists on Mars, luckily for us, the topic fashion has never been excluded from Bowie’s imaginative persona. 
Bowie, one of the greatest pop-culture influencers of rock and roll history, gained popularity in the 70’s, a time of metallic, glitter, make-up, and platform shoes, a time of glam rock. And while the era of glam rock may have existed in full force decades in the past, the fashion worlds love for its androgynous flamboyance seems to have never died, with designers consistently taking inspiration from the mind and closet of David Bowie.
Images via
From left to right: Balmain fall 2013, Alexander McQueen resort 2013, Hood by Air fall 2014
How will you translate Bowie’s style into your own wardrobe?
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