Most-Wanted: Chanel Métiers d’Art Dallas

“Most-Wanted” is a weekly column that follows the pulse of all that is beautiful and fabulous in the fashion accessories world.

Being in the world of fashion means not only inventing, but also reinventing. It’s about being the trendsetter, but also not being afraid to let existing trends pave the path for new ones. Who better epitomizes this essence than Chanel, the fashion house that has been standing at the frontier of the industry since 1909? And you ask what fabulous, leading vision Chanel has in store for us this time around? Check out their Pre-Fall 2014 collection: Chanel Métiers d’Art Dallas. Yeehaw!

Yes, you heard that right. In just a few months, celebrities, bloggers and maybe even some of you lucky fashionistas will be rocking rodeo inspired accessories. Just imagine the typical elements of a cowboy outfit – leather boots, fringes, tan hues… Now, sprinkle on some Chanel magic. Voilà! The elevation of beauty and sophistication in the final products is self-evident.

“It’s a reinvention of something I don’t really know, but that I like to play with.” 
– Karl Lagerfeld on the collection

Well, we certainly don’t mind your playing around if these are the goodies you bring to the world. Our personal favorite is the rodeo x futurism clutch. The wonderfully unexpected mix of tan and the galaxy shimmer is just an absolutely spot-on, pleasant surprise. Comment on this post and tell us which is your favorite!

The Blog Team

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