Faux Pas or Fashionable?: Baring the Belly Button

They are in that grey zone, of fashion and faux pas.  Crop tops are either loved or hated but undoubtedly worn my many.  They experienced their big brake through during the 80’s when pleather and elastic were king, and high-waisted pants and scrunchies were commonplace.  However, as of late we have seen a resurrection of crop tops, especially among today’s youth.  Crop tops have continued to make an appearance, showing up in many runway shows for Spring. So what does this mean for us? Are these belly baring tops going to stick around for another season, or slowly dissipate into the faux pas abyss? 
Unfortunately, we think they are around to stay whether you like it or not.  At the Peter Som spring show, there were few belly buttons that were covered.  Tops as well as jacket, suit combos were designed with the belly baring trend in mind.  On the Lacoste catwalk, we saw the classic crop, as well as a new spin: shear, translucent dresses and shirts revealing the stomach! 
Will your belly button be seeing the light of day this Spring? 
The blog team 
All photos curtesy of style.com

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