Faux Pas or Fashionable?: Celine’s Newest Comfort Shoe

Celine never ceases to amaze and brings innovative, yet terribly unexpected looks to their collections. We first saw “fur-kenstocks” down their Spring ’13 runway, resulting in a huge jump in the comfort shoe trend.  Who wouldn’t want to wear a comfy burk with a padded, fur sole? Even for the whopping $940 price tag, these gems were sold out, leaving them exclusively on the feet of some of the most fashionable celebrities, like Miley Cyrus. 
However, the unexpected fashion doesn’t stop there for Celine.  On their Resort 2014 runway, we saw the introduction of rubber shower shoes. It seems that the designers must of been reminiscing about the “good ol’days” in the locker room after middle school P.E.  Yes, they look like the classic Adidas slip on, but take advantage of the trend.  They are flat, comfy and all too functional.  On the runway, we saw these paired with everything form fur coats to a suit.  The skies are the limit for this shower shoe! 

Will you be donning this classic, functional shoe this spring? 
The blog team
Images sourced form style.com

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