Fashion Dare: Athletic Sneakers

We’ve all mastered the art of pairing our chucks with everything from feminine dresses to shredded jeans and its starting to feel a little stale. Enter the New Balance sneaker. A shoe so dorky that it, just like cats and thick glasses, has become cool. Bloggers, editors and street style gurus have embraced the trend with open arms and thankful feet. 

The fashion set has been paring these shoes with everything from slouchy mom jeans to gowns, but the easiest way to test out the trend is to pair them with an outfit that could use a bit of sporty grounding. Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller executes this kind of balance (pun intended) perfectly. So next time you throw on your flounciest skirt of mini dress, we dare you to resist the urge to put on your favorite pair of wedges and instead embrace the clash that athletic shoes provide and let the compliments roll on in. 

*Disclaimer: these should not, we repeat NOT, be the same shoes that you wear to the gym* 

The Blog Team 

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