Fashion Week Faves: Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby Fall 2014

It seems oddly fitting that two of the most intriguing figures of the modern art world, designer Raf Simons and Los Angeles based artist Sterling Ruby, would collaborate to create a Fall 2014 collection which seems to celebrate the aesthetics of space exploration and a sort of subversive yet playful futurism. One can easily see both designer and artist in this collection. Simons with his elongated silhouettes, futurist graphic prints, Piet Mondrian-esque color accents, and use of synthetic and organic material. Ruby with his famous bleach patchwork collages which add a strange sense of both paranoia and lightheartedness to the garments. Perhaps the most eye-drawing part of the collection are the shoes which are near large enough to be standard issue for NASA astronauts. Here is to hoping that more artists and designers will collaborate in the future.

Images via
The Blog Team 


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