Fashion Icon: Brigitte Bardot

First discovered at age 16 for her beauty and her lovely voice, Brigitte Bardot instantly became a pop princess in France. However, it was her sex appeal on the big screen that propelled her as as a fashion and beauty icon world wide. She was one of the first to resemble a barbie doll-like physique, being a size zero with a nineteen inch waist, while still having killer curves. Bardot was famous for wearing the full skirts and dresses that characterized the fashion of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Bardot constantly brought an easy sexiness to her outfits, wearing her gorgeous blonde locks free and flowing. No matter what she wore, even if her ensemble was on the conservative side, Bardot kept  the liberating spirit of the French allure. Her strong confidence is proof that being sexy does not come from wearing skimpy attire, but from inner sensuality, which is why she is still celebrated today as a fashion icon.


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