For the Love of Fashion: Jelly Sandals?

“For the Love of Fashion” is a weekly column on the FAST blog that breaks down the trends that may have you scratching your head. 

     As I was researching for this post and attempting to describe what the “jelly” of jelly sandals really was, I stumbled across’s definition of the shoe: “a type of children’s sandal or shoe made from flexible or transparent plastic.”

     And now I’m writing to argue that jelly sandals are once again becoming a high fashion staple.

     Known more for their outrageous colors and glitter than for their comfort, the jelly sandal was a staple of the 80’s and 90’s, so it’s not surprising to see this trend exhumed from where all other 90’s trends were laid to rest. Jason Wu, Chanel, ASOS, Topshop and others have all recently succumb to the jelly shoe trend in their 2013 Spring/Summer collections.

     They have been seen in an array of colors and styles, but ballet flats and chunky cage sandals are the most common and most wearable. I know it will be difficult to convince the non-believers that jelly shoes can (and should be) one of the most versatile, go-to shoes in your closet, but these shoes are too good not to post. Simple ballet flats especially can be dressed up or down, with shorts or with jeans– you really can’t go wrong. So come on, give jelly sandals a chance.


The Blog Team

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