For the Love of Fashion: Round Sunglasses?

“For the Love of Fashion” is a weekly column on the FAST blog that breaks down the trends that may have you scratching your head. 

Before you start with the John Lennon, Elton John, or Ozzy jokes, (“Sharon!”) give round sunnies a chance. Fashion is, after all, a cyclical art in which past  trends can come back from the dead with a little more flair and polish than they had before. One such trend is super round sunglasses. Yup, they are here to stay and will hopefully replace the square, oversized diva glasses that the Real Housewives (of everywhere) have been sporting for far too long.

            Oversized, undersized, ombre, or opaque, we’ve seen every variation under the sun (pun intended) of this trend. Whether you prefer rimless glasses, rainbow lensed glasses, or even flip-up eye glasses/sunglasses like the ones your grandpa wears on his golf excursions, you’re sure to find a pair for you.

The Blog Team

4 thoughts

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