For the Love of Fashion: Baseball Caps?

“For the Love of Fashion” is a weekly column on the FAST blog that breaks down the trends that may have you scratching your head. 

You don’t have to be headed out to the ballgame to don one the hottest Spring accessories—baseball caps. And we’re not talking about the trucker style mesh back hats that were all the rage in back in 2007 (thank goodness); the baseball hats for Spring are edgier versions of your favorite, All-American narrow billed cap– think an all black leather version. Forget fedoras (please) and upgrade your sun protection to the style of the pros. 

Baseball caps go hand in hand with the latest in the active wear trend, which was huge on the Spring runways. Caps in various textures, prints, and cheeky sayings make them the perfect accessory to be dressed up or dressed down. Pair pretty Spring sundress with a distressed denim cap for a little tomboy flair, or wear a cool printed hat to give a little sass to a laid back, beach ready look.

From left: Catherine Malandrino, Jeremy Scott, DKNY

After beanies blew up for winter, baseball caps come as the perfect replacement as your bad-hair-day-heroes. With these versatile hats in so many fun materials and prints, you pretty much can’t go wrong.


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