For the Love of Fashion: Overalls?

“For the Love of Fashion” is a weekly column on the FAST blog that breaks down the trends that may have you scratching your head.

Overall, we here at the FAST blog think this trend is pretty great. (Pun intended.)

     I can already hear the skeptics balking, “overalls, really?” but we’re here to assure you that yes, the beloved denim jumpsuits we all sported in the fourth grade are back and better than ever for Spring 2013.

     Denim has been hot for a few years now, with denim shirts, jackets, and vests popping up in cool washes and prints, so it was only a matter of time before overalls made their long awaited comeback. Hot off the spring runways are denim overalls paired with simple white tees that remind us of the days when Britney was cool.
     Navy and white pinstripes, small floral prints, and good ole’ light wash denim are favorites for classic 90’s throwback, but if you’re looking for something a bit edgier, try a hot pink pair, or a funky bleached denim.
Phillip Lim
     Faux leather, the other gotta-have it spring trend, has also worked its way into the world of overalls. This edgier, badass style looks great when paired with a grunged out band tee and a pair of awesome boots.

Phillip Lim, Banshee

     The shows at New York Fashion Week have even shown us some new ways to wear overalls. Designers like Elizabeth and James have styled looks in which they leave both hooks hanging down rather than fastened—that’s one look we’re not quite sure we can sell you on.

Elizabeth and James

How would you rock overalls? Do you prefer cutoffs, dresses, or full-length styles? Let us know how you would style them in the comments below!
The Blog Team

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