For the Love of Fashion: Cats?

“For the Love of Fashion” is a new weekly column on the FAST blog that breaks down the trends that may have you scratching your head.

Yes, cats. The latest and greatest in the world of hipster trends are those four-legged furry felines that you either love or hate. Lately, the kitty-cat motif has been seen in all-over prints, cat-ear headbands, and all kinds of t-shirts. But these aren’t your typical big eyed, cuddly kitties from your middle school days—these are older, more mature cats, the kind that judge you and look down upon your heathen ways.

                It makes sense really, that cats are growing ever trendier amongst hipsters. Cats are the infamous critics of society; notoriously snobbish and moody, they truly embody that which defines a stereotypical hipster. Images of cats dressed in hipster clothing or placed in humorous situations are therefore appropriately ironic. (And we all know how hipsters feel about irony.)

                Think of it this way: cats are the new mustaches  We all loved the mustache motif regardless of our personal preferences about the statement-making facial hair on a man. We loved the puns (“excuse me, I ‘mustache’ you a question”) and using whatever we could find to place on our upper lip as makeshift whiskers. But alas, the mustache has become too mainstream, and so cats are slowly but surely replacing them.

Take it from the hipster cultural mecca, Urban Outfitters, when they say that cats are in. Whether you believe that cats are the best creatures to roam the Earth or, like me, you can’t stand the being within a 10 foot radius of one, the fact is that they are slowly infiltrating the mainstream retail market.

Not a fan of the cat trend? Don’t worry, the cats won’t care.

Because what’s better than cats in human clothing?
All images via Urban Outfitters

Yay or nay on the cat trend? We’d be honored to have your feedback.

The Blog Team

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