Go Check Out: StileEye

StileEye is a brand new application developed right here at UCLA, that allows for maximum style stalking through its cutting edge photo searching technology.

     Do you ever walk past that girl? The one who is dressed to the nines, and causes a case of serious fashion envy in her wake? All you can think about is where did she get that?? Now you have a way to find out. Simply snap a photo of her, ponder whether doing so was creepy, and upload it to the StieEye app. Once you’ve uploaded the picture, the app will search its database, which is full of on-trend dresses and bags, and bring what you are looking for right to your fingertips.

Can’t find a picture of your dress? “Design” it and StileEye will find similar items.

     Not only does StileEye allow you to use your own photos, it also has a homepage that is curated by StileEye’s fashion editor, Trang Chau. She personally picks all of the dresses and bags that are featured, focusing on current runway trends and award-show gowns. If you find something you like you can add it to your “closet” and StileEye will bring you dresses or bags that look very similar, often at much lower prices.

Trang Chau wearing DKNY jodhpurs, Zara leather jacket, and a Forever 21 top

Download the StileEye app from the App store or from Google Play for Androids.
Like StileEye on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for up to date StileEye news and to post looks that you would like to have featured.

Happy shopping!
The Blog Team

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