SoCal based Dormstormer changes how college students shop

Dormstormer aims to direct brands sample sales to the college scene, organized by it’s elite team of fashion oriented, business savvy passionate students from UCLA, USC and FIDM.
CEO Adam Gausepohl, who attended of the Llyod Grief Center for Entrepreneurial studies at USC, birthed this brain child as an entrepreneurial project.
He began by setting up an offline sales event at USC before spring break with the help of his sister Sarah and roommate Bryant Laitipaya. They reached out to swimwear brands like RVCA, Rip Curl, and Tyler Rose.
The event generated $5000, allowing them to realize that Dormstormer could function beyond a school project.
Unlike students in LA, other college kids don’t have the chance to be in such a fashion oriented and accessible city like LA. But Dormstormer brings that opportunity to kids all over the country, with student- only prices.

The cite will follow the model of a 48-hour sale, that features one brand for men and women. Allowing brands to gain new customers, and shoppers to be exposed to different style outlets. Even the thriftiest of students can enjoy shopping with the opportunity to earn $1 for every friend the refer to sign up with 
So check out the cite for great deals on accessible fashion that is college budget friendly and give a big thanks to Sarah, Adam, Bryant and UCLA’s very own Matt Masterson for giving us students highly quality reason to surf the web in procrastination. 

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