Meet FAST Model, Lucy Lawrence

If you don’t live under a rock, I’m sure you have all seen the N*ggas in Paris Music Video by Jay-Z and Kanye West. But the real concern here is not if you have seen this amazing video, but if you notice FAST’s very own model Lucy Lawrence make her Hip-Hop Music Video debut….
Here is the video…..
And if you missed her…she is the one in the middle of this screen shot:
Personal Style: Circus performer meets gravedigger
Fashion Icons: Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie
Favorite Designer: Always Betsey Johnson
Favorite Clothing Item/Accessory You Own/Wish You Still Owned: 
Bindis, braces with headgear(wish i still owned, and my grandma’s costume jewelery 

1.Red mohawk photo: Photographer: Felisha Tolentino // Make up: Dre Gabryel.
2.Cover of Location 3 Magazine 
3. “Anywhere But Here”: Photographer: Steve Anthony Lucero // Wardrobe Stylist: Johnny Chavez // Wardrobe Designer: Antonia Souza // MUA: Shaun Gaa // Art Director: Randy Rosario
4. Oddz Magazine- “Blank Canvas”
Photo: Allen Zaki
Art Direction: Randy Rosario
Wardrobe: Johnny Chavez
Models: Lucy Lawrence, Jonathan Isaiah
Hair: Etienne Ortega
MUA: Shaun Gaa
5. Teen Vogue Runway show @ Wango Tango
6. Photographer: Kesler Tran

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