Event of the Week: Poor Dog Group at REDCAT

If you don’t know what anything in the post title means, you must educate yourself on the L.A. Underground Art Scene ASAP.



In the Lounge at REDCAT

Sunday, March 4 /// 7:30 PM /// FREE

631 West 2nd Street, Downtown Los Angeles

Poor Dog Group presents an informal discussion detailing research from their month-long educational residency in Holland, Germany, Poland and France, which included more than four dozen interviews with artists, performing arts presenters, and government employees. Company members Jesse Bonnell, Artistic Director, and Itamar Stern, Director of Development and Programming, traveled to participate in ongoing dialogue to explore forms of autonomy and mobility in performance, driven by an interest in developing crosscultural models of engagement with a new generation of theatre practitioners. Building on an exchange initiated at REDCAT in 2010 with the Dutch collective Wunderbaum, Bonnell and Stern sought to uncover new forms of agency and global citizenship, formed in response to shared economic obstacles that are shaping contemporary theatre practices in both Europe and the U.S.A.

For more info, check out the PoorDogGroup

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