Polka Dot Dreams + Carol Yoo

Meet the creator of the fabulous blog “Polka Dot Dreams: Illustrations and Photography,” Carol Yoo! Yoo is a triple threat: drawing and sketching down her ideas, creating her own clothing, and shooting her own editorials. She first got involved in fashion early on in school when she created her own faux fashion editoril. When she took up creating her own fashion shoots she started desiginer her own clothing itesm as awell; constructing a dress from newspaper pushed her into making more culputral peices.

Her Current muse is Ronney Mara, who recently staed in Girl with the Dragoin Tattoo. Carl loves her “badassery” and her “effortless sophistication,” characteristics that the actress poryras in reality. Her fashion inspiration comes form the mod 60’s, and when asked about her favorite designer she says, “I like pices form each and every designer. I like the whimsical colors of Kate Spade, the clean lines of Prada, the inteense creativy of McQueen, and the classic Chanel.”

At aCalArts he studies Costume and Scenic design, and in the furutre plans to puruse a range of careers from photographin editorials to creating costume designs. She currently charges $25.00 for herad-shots and can be contact through her facebook or via e-mail at carolyoo@alum.calarts.edu.

Check out Carol’s blog ad stay tuned for her fashionable updates and photo shoots!
I know all of us here at FAST will!

Check Out Polka Dot Dreams Here!

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