Restaurant Review: Take a Bao

by Roz Paronyan 

I’ve been eyeing TAKE A BAO, an Asian-fusion eatery, since it opened about a month ago on Ventura blvd. in Studio City. The exterior design sets the restaurant apart from all other ones on the block, so it’s effortlessly inviting. My friend and I arrived around 9 pm and it wasn’t crowded inside at all, which was a relief since we were famished. I went up to the counter to place my order and the cashier looked like Johnny Depp and James Franco’s lovechild. He guided us through the menu until we both made our decisions. We decided to try out a few things. We each ordered a “Fried Chicken & Slaw,” boa, which consisted of a crispy chicken breast tucked in a white bun, and coupled with tamarind bbq sauce and asian vegetable slaw. We also ordered a side of “Five-Spice” french fries and “Tofu Popcorn.” The cashier gave us a number and we seated ourselves. The food arrived very quickly and looked like a piece of art devised with care and precision. Needless to say, everything tasted as good as it looked. What made the food taste even better was knowing that only the freshest products from local farms were used. There is a location in Westfield Century City, so both city and valley people can get a taste for themselves. Overall, I was very impressed at the food and ambiance achieved at TAKE A BAO. Definitely going back soon…like maybe tomorrow!

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